Could Covid-19 Be Used as a Weapon in Geopolitical Conflict? – The current crisis due to Covid-19 has a very strong geopolitical dimension because of the suspicion that Covid-19 could be utilized as a biological weapon in geopolitical conflicts.

This concern was raised by the Chairman of the Gelora Indonesia Party, Anis Matta, in his opening address on Gelora Talk#5 ‘Covid-19 is Getting Worse: Can the Health System Be Able to Overcome it?’ on Thursday, July 1st.

“The worst possibility is that Covid-19 will be used as a weapon in geopolitical conflicts,” said Anis Matta.

The Corona virus came from China, but Indonesia also used a vaccine from China as well. In a geopolitical context that shows Indonesia is both a victim and a consumer at the same time. “This hurts,” anis matta said.

Anis Matta also called on the indonesian public to be aware that there is an extraordinary competition from the four major world powers; the United States (US), Europe, Russia, and China in producing vaccines.

However, Anis Matta does not know yet whether the vaccine industry will become one of the leading industries in the future.
The occurrence of disinformation regarding COVID-19 where scientific information has been mixed with hoax that spreads so quickly in society shows that there are fighting instruments that work for global interests.

“For example, the extraordinary disinformation regarding the disadvantages and advantages of each vaccine used, shows an indication that there is an instrument for fighting global interests,” said Anis Matta.

On the same occasion, the former Minister of Health, Siti Fadilah Supari who was present as one of the speakers emphasized that Indonesia currently does not have the power to reject global interests related to Covid-19. So that when it was declared a Covid-19 pandemic, Indonesia could not refuse and even became a consumer of vaccines from other countries.

“When Indonesia wanted to undergo a pandemic because of Avian Influenza, I resisted. We fought diplomacy with the WHO, and eighty percent of the health ministers were behind Indonesia, making the WHO withdraw slowly,” Siti Fadhilah recalled.

Because the pandemic has already occurred, Siti Fadhillah invites policy makers to answer it by scientific research and not just by estimates. Statisticians were asked to immediately calculate what caused the Covid-19 to continue to increase accurately. Siti Fadhilah offers a solution for handling this pandemic through a territorial approach that starts from the neighborhood association (RT).

“I agree with Jokowi’s direction to overcome the pandemic starting from the RT level,” closed Siti Fadhilah.

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